Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Technology in the Classroom Essay -- Technology Education

Computers play a large role in todays society, inside and outside of classrooms. Like many forms of engineering, they entertain the power to hinder students learning in achieving goals in higher upbringing classrooms. In her essay Lest We Think the Revolution is a Revolution Images of engineering science and the nature of Change, Cynthia Selfe, a Humanities Distinguished Professor at The Ohio evidence University, discusses the continuous argument about the effects that calculating machines have on breeding due to change in technology. As a college student, I am able to closely relate to various statements she makes because I deal with these issues on a daily basis. Thus, the subject of computers in higher education classrooms is a controversial to many people. However, I do not believe that computer technology is a necessity in classrooms.While growing up, it is unembellished that students have always had the opportunity to engage in technology in classrooms. As a child, I rem ember computers in the school program library at a very young age. Therefore, I was able to type, await the web, and do various other things on a computer. However, one would view that as students progressed and advanced to higher grades that the technology would also advance and father more challenging however, it did not. Students have primarily been utilizing the same types of technology in classrooms for years on end and no problems have arisen from that. However, other forms of technology could potentially be useful in classrooms such as projectors, clean boards, and tools that teachers are familiar with to use. If new forms of technology are not a major necessity, why spend the money to buy them and the time on them? Also, if a student is not planning to make a vocation out of utilizing ... ...y. Lest We Think the Revolution Is a Revolution Images of Technology and the Nature of Change Cynthia Selfe. From Inquiry to Academic Writing a Text and Reader. capital of Massach usetts Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. Print. Wurst, Christian, Claudia Smarkola, and Mary Anne Gaffney. Ubiquitous Laptop Usage in Higher study Effects on Student Achievement, Student Satisfaction, and Constructivist Measures in Honors and Traditional Classrooms. Jan. 2008. Web. 16 July 2008.

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