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Phenomenology of the Spirit Essay example -- Philosophy Philosophical

Phenomenology of the SpiritABSTRACT The idea of temperament in its highest form takes a gathering character, where all is attracted by what Hegel called the field idea, an rank(a) emotional state, and by what modern science understands as valet mental and social (consciousness) recognition. Included in this are unusual abilities like telegnostic perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. The sensibility of the pointed problems mickle be more(prenominal) fruitfully realized within a new phenomenology of the spirit. This is distinguished from Hegel by the fact that spirit is considered as non-destroyed attribute or matters property (quality). If Hegel considered the absolute idea as the outcoming principle or substantial rear of being, thusly a new phenomenology of spirit must be abstracted from the headland stated of the primary and substitute(prenominal) character of the stuff and nonsense and ideal in a global plan. But this conception of the materialistic philosophy s hould be over comprehended, where spiritual is considered as the secondary phenomenon, so as the secondary in comparison with the material side of being. This new phenomenology of the spirit is ground on the Hegelian and Marxist traditions overcomprehension in a quality of the important idea which takes up the subjective content and spiritual material base its material-ideal nature. Both a society and an individual possess such qualities and properties that cannot be understood only through the conventional ideology of objective, material being. on that point exist spiritual phenomena as well, understood here as everything united to consciousness, psychology, feelings, perception etc. These are mostly connected with human beings and human society. At the same time the science actively discuss subjects not connec... ...been understood as secondary phenomenon, Thus having lesser importance in comparison with the material aspect of existence.The new phenomenology of spirit, based upon reconsideration of Hegel / Marx tradition, can have as its main idea the subjective contents and material basis of spiritual, in other words its material-ideal nature. It seems that in the nearest prox such interpretation of the nature of spiritual ordain become more definite. Nowadays the new data is collected, new ideas are put forward, sometimes lying rather far from a single equivocal appraisal. The dexterous situation of the border of two centuries and two millennia is sometimes thought of as critical, even deadlock. However, the tendency of developing knowledge is such that the current processes will serve the basis for new paradigms of cognition, for the ultimate qualitative breakthrough.

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