Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Designing a Driving Instructor Robot Essay -- Robotics

Driver-Bot PaperIntroduction/Overall Project commentThe idea for the Driver-Bot came from a simple discussion about drivers education.Drivers training and education ar big events for juvenility adults, but sometimes learning to drivefrom a p arnt or from an online course seat be too stressful. The Driver-Bot was born from a accept to invent a new route to teach driving. Unlike online courses, the Driver-Bot gives a betterand more realistic physical representation of driving. However, modern simulators can actuallyplaced drivers in situations, forcing to react to virtual situations. The Driver-Bot was designed tobe cheaper than these simulators. This contrive is just a smaller scale of the actual have idea.This primitive Driver-Bot is only able to do a few of the routine tasks that all drivers face. It cansense other cars, change lanes, turn leftover or right, stop, and park. With the use of electrical tape,the Driver-Bot has been programmed to react accordingly.Background In formationThe project is in no way the only new innovative way to teach driving, and it is not thefirst to use programming to drive autonomously. Today, legion(predicate) are taught through computers andsimulators, learning to drive cars, trucks, or even tanks. Scientists and researchers are alsotaking technology further, programming cars to drive on their own. These cars are aptly titledsmart cars.Modern Ways to Teach unpromptedThe invention of the automobile brought not only an efficient way to choke but also anew set of problems in the first twentieth century. The automobile was considered to be adangerous invention, meant for adventures not day-to-day life. Several California counties passedordinances requiring motorists to pull to the s... ...Works CitedDMV History. 2005. Accessed July 25th, 2006 fromhttp// Simulator. 24 July 2006. Accessed July 24th, 2006 fromhttp// nellos, Michael. Grateful for Army Robot Contest, Entrants give Tanks. October 30, 2003.Accessed 24 July 2006 from http//, Wendy. 21st coke Driver Training. 1 January 2006. Accessed July 24th, 2006fromhttp// Cars. Accessed 24 July 2006 fromhttp// handler/research/programs/asst/research_activities/smartcars.cfm.Voss, Georgina. Smart Cars to Rule the Roads. Accessed 24 July 2006 fromhttp//

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