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French Revolution Essay -- essays research papers fc

Why was there a French novelty?Between, 1789 V 1799, some(prenominal) events occurred in France that caused an outbreak within the plurality thus leading to a alteration. This culminated in the France becoming a antiauthoritarian government. This essay will palisade that the resentment of absolute government, fiscal difficulties, the famine, rise of philosophes and the ongoing feud amid the estates are all the major causes of why there was a revolution in France.Firstly before going into the topic, the word revolution mustiness be defined. A revolution is a relatively sudden and utterly huge change. This may be a change in the favorable or political institutions over a relatively short termination of time, or a major change in its culture or economy . In eighteenth-century France, as we have seen, the philosophes came forward and gave their views, which were taken hard by the in the public eye(predicate). The views of the philosophes contrasted from t distributivelying maths to teaching about how the world was take a leakd. France was in desperate need for help with the country in deep financial trouble and much controversy over the monarchy yet the philosophes were anything but revolutionaries, as they never tried to force one . This is because they did not intend to create harm but to give the people French new ideas on topics.The enlightenment was an intellectual establishment . Diderots Encyclopedia, banned in the 1750s, was reprinted in a less expensive format with government approval in the 1770s. Among the jr. generation, the great cultural hero was Rousseau whose Confessions caused a sensation within the public and changed their minds to free thinking by writing books that were very appealing to the people. These books taught people of different ideas. From this, we can see the beliefs of the philosophes were a main factor in the cause of the French revolution.Eighteenth century France was an absolute monarchy , mainly because of the app arent motion of Louis XIV. The French king had absolute control over all aspects of French political, social, and economic structures. The Estates General, which was a representative institution in that it was composed of representatives from each of the Three Estates, was the only voice the people of France had ever had. The king could do whatever he wanted without being asked as the punishments were severe if anyone complained. An model is the change of the r... ...sentment of absolute government, financial difficulties, the famine, rise of philosophes and the ongoing feud in the midst of the estates which all culminated in France having a revolution and becoming a democratic government.Bibliographyh http// accessed on 19/4/05, 17/4/05, entitle The French transition The Moderate Stage, 1789-1792 author V Steven Kreish http// accessed on 12/4/05, call - Causes and Effects of the French Revolution, author unknownh http// accessed on 16/4/05 Title - The Causes of the French Revolution author - unknownh http// accessed on 19/4/05, 17/4/05, TitleThe French Revolution The Radical Stage, 1792-1794, author V Steven Kreish http// accessed on 17/4/05, 18/4/05 Title V The French Revolution Author - David W. Koellerh Encyclopedia Americana volume 12 accessed on 15/4/05, Published in New York, Published in 1970 Title V French Revolution Author - Unknown

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