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To what extent was the final solution planned Essay

To what extent was the final solution planned - leaven ExampleWhile some people believe that this was a spontaneous decisiveness made by Hitler, others believe that the process was systematically planned. The aim of this paper is to find out how far the Final stem was planned. The investigation will cover what the Final antecedent was, the debate of the decision, the extermination camps, and to what extent it was planned.It was right nearly 1942 when the plans of the Final Solution fully took hold, but over one million Jews had already been murdered. It was only with the decision to eradicate the entire Jewish population that the extermination camps were built and industrialized mass slaughter of Jews began in earnest. This decision to systematically kill the Jews of Europe was made by the time of or at the Wannsee Conference, which took go into in Berlin, in the Wannsee Villa on January 20, 1942. During the conference, there was a discussion held by a group of German Nazi offic ials to decide on the Final Solution of the Jewish Question (Wikipedia 2008, p. 1).The extent to which the Final Solution was planned can be proven by documents that contain the proceedings and other records of the Wannsee Conference. The Allies find these documents at the end of World War II and used them as evidence in the Nuremberg Trials. The records and minutes of this meeting were found intact by the Allies at the end of the war and served as expensive evidence during the Nuremberg Trials. By spring of 1942, Operation Reinhard began the systematic extermination of the Jews, although hundreds of thousands already had been killed by death squads and in mass pogroms. In Heinrich Himmlers speech at the Posen Conference of October 6, 1943, Himmler, for the first time, clearly elucidated to all assembled leaders of the Reich, in frank and brutal terms, what the Final Solution referred to (Wikipedia, 2008, p. 1).The Final Solution was the Nazis plan to

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NAVAJO CULTURE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

NAVAJO CULTURE - Essay ExampleNavajos are known to be semi-nomadic from the 16th hundred through the 20th century. By nomads, they move constantly in search for pasteur and a place to live. This explains their lead from as far as Alaska, to Canada, to finally settle in Arizona.Their homes are called hogans which were built in traditional fashion until the 1900s. This type of dwelling is made from wooden poles, tree barks, and mud. Due to the sort they constructed their dwelling, early historians had difficulties collateral their accurate location and way of behavior.Their early language was referred to as Athabaskan. This type of language is spoken straightaway by another type of Indian tribe known as the Apache. Details from the Navajo, indigenous plurality of North America found in Columbian Encyclopedia (2001 2007) noted that their original language belongs to the Athabascan severalize of the Nadene linguistic stock.Like other cultural people from other parts of the world, the Navajos way of life was influenced by a diversity of different races. Since they were formally nomads, traveling from one place to the other, they got to tint different kinds of people the Canadians, Spaniards, Pueblos, and other Indian tribes. They got to imbibe traces of the other peoples way of life and apply and adapt them as their own.Originally, they were farmers who planted corn and beans. They also hunted animals such as deer, red deer and antelope, among others. Intermittently, the Navajos poised wild vegetables, fruits and other plants for food.The Navajo Indians were famous for their weaving of blankets and rugs. Their blankets were indigenously woven using raw materials which they themselves gathered and prepared. As quoted from the article the Navajo Indian Tribe from, no two blanket designs ever are the uniform. The uniqueness and intricate patterns produced by the Navajos made them known for their woven

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(HRM)Globalisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

(HRM)Globalisation - Essay ExampleIt is recognized by a number of trends such as growing economic integration and liberalization trade deregulating convergence of macroeconomic policies modification of the role and concept of nation state proliferation of supranational agreements and regulatory bodies and globalisation of information systems 1. Upon looking into the given premise, one might have the idea that the said practice has its controlling and negative effects. In this case, if some countries oppose this kind of practice definitely anticipate is negative effects. So, what atomic number 18 these negative effects that they seem to oppose this kind of practice Vandana Shivea (2006) 2, an Indian ecofeminist and scholar, once stated that globalisation along with the support of organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, have created a term more often known as slave wages. These kinds of wages are non necessarily the result of unjust societies, b ut of the fact that global trade devalues the worth of peoples lives and work. While globalization has brought jobs to rural, developing areas such as India where there was previously no employment, these jobs seem to be wolves in sheeps clothing.

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The Women of Alwal Alis Tribe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Women of Alwal Alis Tribe - Essay theoretical accountLila Abu-Lughod describes the cultural phenomena of an Awlad Ali people found in Egypt. The basis of her research is on dynamics existing in different genders with a concern on the rights of women in the Middle East, the link existing between the place and cultural forms, the representation as far as politics is concerned. Lila Abu-Lughod in her work about the netting sentiments brings out the importance of covering of the question among the women. Once a woman comes across an elderly man, she is so-called to cover her head as a sign of respect for the elderly. This is not the nerve in case the same woman would come across a younger man. It is essential to note that, the women covered their heads, which was seen as a sign of respect to the elderly, were solely meant for the Bedouin men. The Bedouin women do not cover their head when they come across other elderly men from other communities. .One notes the distinctive glin t of silver on her wrist, a vivacious full-length dress gathered at the waist by a red cummerbund and a head covered in black (Abu-Lughod, 19862). In case, any woman declines to use the head cover or the red belt, this action is termed as the scandalous or inappropriate. In the ethnography, the author brings about the concept of hymeneals among the Awlad Ali tribe.

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An Analysis of the Current Developments in International Advertising Essay

An Analysis of the Current Developments in International Advertising Regulations - Essay physical exertionIn their efforts to be competitive, worldwide firms have emulated sundry(a) strategies. Some of the notable marketing aspects include e-marketing, complaisant media marketing, product diversification, repositioning of brands among others. In order to enhance product awareness and customers loyalty, globular companies such as Coca-Cola, Toyota, General motors, Honda, Apple Incorporation, Pepsi among others have taken wide range of advertisements through send television, newspapers, internet and other avenues. This paper gives the analysis of the current developments in international announce regulations and the impact on international marketing practise and consumption. International advertising International advertising involves spreading of messages that are cerebrate to a product or a service with an aim of propelling the demand from the existing customers or with the purpose of attracting new consumers. It is important to note that due to the cultural diversity and social aspects in sundry(a) countries, the way customers perceive or react to an advertisement campaign differs. In this regard, international advertising entails the communicating process that takes into consideration the consumption patterns of the audience, multiple cultures and forms of communication. In the same way, international advertisement has been recognized by international agencies as a profitable business in terms of creating adverts on behalf of organizations. Development of international advertising peerless of the major causes of heated discussion among the advertising managers and academics is advertising standardization. According to the advertising managers, formation of a comprehensive advertisement campaign entails the identification of local, intrinsic and firm factors that manipulate global advertising. In order to effectively serve the firms that were aimed at operating at an international level, advertising agencies established themselves in various countries. This was based on the high returns that they anticipated by treating the advertising campaigns as business practices. One of the major aspects that led to development of international marketing was the end of the communist regimes in 1990s. As a result, companies who were eager to provide new products and attract large number of consumers positioned themselves in the Eastern Europe market. found on the high number of firms that were scrambling for the available consumers, the global advertising became a priority. According to Grein and Ducoffe (1998), most organizations in particular those from US emulated the services of advertising agencies leading to high advertising revenues. For instance, in 1991 the top ten advertising agencies in US earned more than 60% of their income from international billings. To find the solutions and share the plight that hindered advertising in the global market, companies that were focused at international advertising formed organizations such as united Kingdom Institute of Practitioners and US Association of National Advertisers. As companies progressed in their advertisement strategies, innovations in the reading technology led to the enhancement of international marketing practice through the introduction of internet. This ensured that international companies targeting customers from various place in the world could now advertise their

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Chronic disease Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chronic disease - Essay ExampleFinally, smoking and alcohol are about of the major causes of heart disease. This things need to be consumed in smaller amounts so it does not affect the heart. The anterior recommendations for combating heart disease were general without giving too many concrete suggestions. Because those with high cholesterol, high parentage pressure, or diabetes are most at risk for heart disease, it is advised that these problems are addressed. First of all, a simple melodic phrase test faecal matter be taken to check you cholesterol levels. In set out to make sure that nothing is missed, cholesterol levels should be checked once every five years. Next, blood pressure needs be checked regularly because high blood pressure does not turn in any symptoms. If you are a diabetic then blood sugar levels must be controlled. This is stovepipe done by talking with a healthcare provider so he or she can advise the best treatment. Finally, if medication has been prescr ibed for any of the above mentioned conditions, then it is really important to ever to medication properly (Prevention What You Can Do).

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Does IT lead to job elimination, or job enhancement Essay

Does IT lead to job elimination, or job sweetening - Essay Examples are assembled or foods processed, through the use of robotic arms and conveyer belts, a job that may have been retrospectively been done by a hundred unskilled workers muckle be done by just a handful of machine operators. Inevitably, given the sensitive constitution of labor issue, machines were not very well received by the workers they stood to replace even today the scrutiny of technology is often condemned by those who view it as a negative force rendering bulk jobless especially in labor intensive economies. While this is a logically sound argument, it is nonetheless one sided in view of the fact that the relationship between labor and technology is not as simple as that. In as overmuch as technology may result in unemployment in some sectors, it has spawned millions of jobs in in numerous sectors and one can even argue that in the end it creates more jobs than it destroys.In the late 19th century at the height of the industrial revolution, a group of artisans working in the textile industry started a revolution of sorts in Britain against the use of machines in the production of textiles. They were afraid that automation of the process of production would cause them to lose their jobs since less skilled and wherefore cheaper employees rendering them redundant could operate the machines. The Luddites as they were known became a significant social and political exploit and they engaged in numerous acts of destruction in protest of adaption of machines in their industry (Baggaley, 2010). So much so that it is estimated that British soldiers were at some point involved in fighting the luddites than engaging napoleon. Ultimately, the operation was crashed through a series of trials in which the Luddites were convicted for machine breaking, which had been made a capital crime, and many were penalize (Edgerton, 2011).Today, the term Luddite is used to describe someone who is seen as being opposed to or slow to combine technology (Baggaley, 2010). Proponents

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Pain Management and Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Pain perplexity and Assessment - Essay ExampleAlso, a brief idea of how the cost of elderly c atomic number 18er affects the acres of healthcare is mentioned to give credence to the fact that incurred costs often play a role in the type of treatment that the elderly patients receive and in what they receive in the assessment and management of their throe.Also, thither are concerns about the social psychological and environmental needs of the elderly as well. All of these liable(p) issues are discussed so that a better enlightenment can be illustrated in what exactly affectionateness for the elderly patient entails in a nursing practice, specifically within a medically facilitated environment. The windup demonstrates that despite the fact that care of the elderly can be more complex and costly they are entitled to the same rights as any other patient and deserve to bring effective and take over pain management given to them to provide them with the best quality care and comfor t level possible. This is the end of any nurse in the medical field in regards to any and all patients which the finality of this literature defines.Pain is something that is determined by every human being regardless of their age, gender, or economic status. The speculation in behind pain is more than one in fact there are third theorizations to provide a medical definition of pain. However, pain is normally described as an unfavorable experience that creates an extensive emotional and disabling influence on an individual, especially within the elderly population. The three theories of pain are the Specificity theory, Pattern theory, and Gate theory (Adams & Bromley 1998). It is the Gate Theory that is commonly used in medical terminology to discuss the pain levels of the elderly. This is because this theory focuses on many past experiences that older people have had while receiving medical care and of which dictates how they will perceive their ability to tolerate pain during their treatment. For instance, it is

TATE & LYLE International Business Strategy Essay

TATE & LYLE International Business Strategy - Essay ExampleOver the years the company has become a multinational with scholarships and alliances with similar agri-businesses, for example, from the USA, Canada, Belgium, and Australia. However, by the year 2000 Tate & Lyle began divesting itself of some of these acquisitions in a strategic move resulting from an unexpected reduction of profits. Tate & Lyle is increasingly diversifying into the manufacture of food additives and bio-materials like Sucralose and again starting signal to reclaim its international expansion and globalization strategy (Case Study, Tate & Lyle.doc). More recent initiatives include A spliff venture with Du Pont to manufacture a renewable 1,3-Propanediol that can be used to make Sorona (a substitute for nylon) and the acquisition of a small Dutch company called Hycail to manufacture PLA (polylactic acid) (http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tate_&_Lyle).While profits from sugar refining would be affected by price fluctuations of raw sugar cane in world markets, natural disasters, and silver exchange problems, the food additive side of the company is very much a value-added business and lends itself to a more stable regime in terms of profits. It is also an expanding market and unlike sugar where the market is saturated, open to competition for greater market share. T & Ls expressed new strategic vision is to modernize partnerships to create the worlds leading renewable ingredients business and to ... build a consistent portfolio of distinctive, profitable, high-value driven solutions in products and services for our customers (http//www.tateandlyle.com ).T & Ls former (not very successful) globalization strategy appears to welcome been designed following a top-down model of the classical business development type. This is formulated in the form of a pyramid with vision at the top followed by mission, goals, strategies, tactics and action plans below.

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In the News Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

In the word - Essay ExampleThe article argues that this trend will continue to grow in future as interest of the people in the internet is expected to increase in coming years. Ad track companies attempt to increase the experience of the viewers and this is the main reason why they are expected to do good in future. The article also forecasts that in future customers will be targeted with more relevant and quality advertizements.The material discussed in the article is both important and relevant to execute content. Internet advertisement has become an important area of advertisement. Gone are the days when managers had to worry about print and video recording media only. Digital media and social media is an all new territory for managers and today they have to focus more on such media in order to achieve their sales target. This is why the article is completely related to the course content and in also important for future managers.The article has great managerial implications for future marketers. The product of internet marketing tells managers what audiences are interested in. Managers should focus more on the digital media than any other media in order to attract audiences because this is where the future

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Master Degree in Accounting Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Master Degree in Accounting - Personal Statement compositors caseHowever, my quest for acquaintance and maturation instills me with the passion to learn to a greater extent beyond what I already know. I moot that I should not stop but strive to achieve my full potentialMy ending to pursue a masters degree in accountancy is part of my quest in furthering my growth and development as a person and an employee. This program will certainly boost my knowledge through the forward-looking concepts which will be presented by my professors. Considering that I am from Egypt, I believe that I will sure enough learn a lot of new things in this country. The acquisition of knowledge will be more(prenominal) efficient as I will be dealing with the nest teachers and other students from around the globe. by from this, I know that my interaction with my classmates will also enable me to enhance my social skills, make me more open-minded, and improve my knowledge on world culture. This universi ty is the best venue for me to gain all these.I believe that a masters degree will be my ticket in fulfilling my lifes purpose-to contribute in the success of byplay organizations. I am born with an innate desire contribute what I have to the business world. With my knowledge and experience, this will be in my field of interest-accountancy.

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The economy of Australia Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The economy of Australia - Research Paper ExampleAverage family income is in the range of 55,000 USD annually, though differing drastically depending on which part of the country the person lives in. Australia has a relatively even distribution of wealth amongst its population. The GINI index, which is a measure of wealth disparities in a country, gives Australia a prepare of 30.5, only .1 above the European union, and 112th largest score in the world (in the GINI index a lower score means break-dance or more(prenominal) even distribution of wealth). For comparison, Sweden, with the best GINI score has a 23, while America, with a terrible score for a developed country, has a score of 45 (CIA).Australia, as a country the size of a simple (it is the 6th largest country in the world) has a wide variety of natural resources including coal, iron, precious metals, diamonds, rare existence elements, natural gas and petroleum (CIA). IT is the largest net exporter of coal in the world, a nd accounts for 29% of global coal exports (CIA).Australia has extremely developed transportation and communication infrastructure, with wide access to high speed internet and public transpiration in cities (CIA). Its primary mode of public transpiration is bus (CIA). Its infrastructure is much worse in rural regions, which confuse access issues.Australia has very strict and well adhered to employee protection laws, with only a very few countries having better (Global Edge). It has much more protection for long term than temporary workers, however, and this causes the perception of abuse amongst temporary and immigrants workers, unremarkably from other pacific Islands (Global Edge). Salaray and benefits vary highly depending on employment sector, though public health portion out is less accessible than almost any other developed country, not being government funded (Global Edge).Australias principle industry is service, like most developed countries, though this is supplemented by mining, equipment manufacturing and steel foundering. Foreign

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Canadian Senate Reform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Canadian Senate remedy - Essay ExampleHowever, all the hard work to modify the governing body has been failing for the preceding(a) several years. Ultimately, the present government resolution is to accomplish the task of reformation. The conformist government, which is under the Prime see, suggests pillow slip down the period senators rule and choosing them by ballot. However, the government is operating into tough political oppositions. The Senate in Canada keeps occupy of a central position in the history of the country (Smith, 2009).Without a doubt, the alliances made in Canada for the unrivaledtime(prenominal) decades were because of the accord to take in the governing body as it is now incorporated. The legislative body of Canada is an single(a) establishment, being the only succeeding chamber contained by the Canadian coalition, as well as the lonely(prenominal) in the western part whose affiliates are all chosen. This paper go away highlight the bill meant for the docket of Canadian reform and some of the main contents of the bill. It will also explain the major nourishment of the Act as well as the conditions for the senate candidates. The script will as well talk intimately the arguments made by the leaders concerning the issue of government reform. It will outline the doubts of the senators as well as the arguments made by the opposition, and the side supporting the reform. ... Lastly, this paper will give recommendations wishinging this matter of the Canadian reform. It will discuss the importance of the changes to be made in the government body as well as what effects the reform could have to the country. Bill for the Agenda In the year 2006, the Canadas Prime Minister conformist government had established two bills to change the senate. One was to institute restricted conditions for senators, reinstating the system on hand of appointment until one reaches 75 years. The other bill was to launch consultative voting for the legislative assembly with the Prime Minister appointing the conquerors of the election. The House of Commons and the Senate heard the bills but neither of them was ratified into ruling (Smith, 2009). In the first session of the Canadas forty-first parliament, Bill C-7 was proposed. The bill was based on an Act with regard to choosing of senators as well as adjusting the constitution Act, 1867 regarding Senate period restrictions. The first part of the endorsement ascertains a social organization for selecting Senate appointments contenders from the territories as well as provinces. Two main ideologies would be relevant to the procedure of election. The first one was that, the Prime Minister, in advocating Senate candidates to the Governor General for a region or province, would be compelled to ensnare into regard, call from a list of entrants presented by the regional or provincial administration. The second principle was that the contenders list would be resolved by a selection held accordi ng to the regional or provincial laws ratified to put the framework into practice. The second part of the endorsement modifies the occupancy of senators who are to be called

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The Effective Manager Cw3 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Effective charabanc Cw3 - Coursework ExampleThe mangers argon responsible for the optimum utilization of resources in order to achieve the goals of the organisation. Management is a set of activities which is directed towards the resources of the organization with a aim of achieving the required goal in an telling and high-octane manner. In general a successful organization comprises of both utile as well as efficient mangers. In the competitive world managers tends to face new as well as raise and challenging situations. The average working succession is about 60 hours per week and has a huge subscribe to place upon the mangers time and at the same time faces complexities due to globalization, completion, government regulations and other uncertainties. The job power of a manger is unpredictable and filled with challenges but it is also filled with opportunity which has the potential to operate difference. Good managers have the potential to bring in success in the orga nization (Griffin, 2011, p.4). ... The quality and effective management styles of the mangers kitty determine the organizational culture, productivity of the staff and success or failure of the organization (Francis, 2012). Characteristics of Effective Management An effective manger is one who makes the right decisions and successfully implements the decisions. However there are many different characteristic that a manger should posses for the effective working of the organization. But according to me the virtually important characteristic for a manger should be a good team player and time management should be the next important characteristic for an effective manger. A team builder can be defined as a person who is strong and provides the required substance which holds the team unitedly towards achieving the set goals and objectives (Francis, 2012). At the same time effective time management skills are important for mangers to arrange the occupation. I would like to emphasis m ore on the aspect of time management. Literature explanations With respect to the definition of time management, there are many different definitions as per different authors. However most of the authors referred to Lakein (1973) who tell that time management involve a process which determines the need sets the goals which are to be achieved, planning and prioritising the task which are required in the process of achieving the goals. Therefore according to Elacqua and Jex, 1999 Davis, 2000 Macan, 1994, 1996 Macan et al., 1990 Mudrack, 1997) time management has been referred to as a technique used to manage time a technique which can be used for effective use the many different task which are required Orpen, (1994) Slaven and Totterdell, (1993) Woolfolk & Woolfolk, (1986) according to

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Interviewing Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Interviewing - Coursework ExampleFor behavioural converse, the candidate should prepare for questions like how you behaved rather than how you entrust behave. These interviews are trickier as they check the present mindedness and promptness of response of the candidates. Best way for preparing for a behavioral interview is predicting and brainstorming questions and suitable answers to them. Unless otherwise instructed, a parole officer needs to be dressed in collar shirt preferably with a tie and dress pant. Flip-flops, stocking hats, baseball hats, pucker caps, and mini-skirts are not allowed. The formal dressing inculcates formality in the behavior which aids in the interview preparations. Proper dressing of the candidate serves as a symbol of his/her respect for the job, organization, and the interviewer. Although there is no victorian dress code, yet it is preferable for the candidate to wear well pressed collar shirt with a dress pant. Men should preferably wear light shades of blue, white, and grey. For both types of interview, i.e. the traditional interview and the behavioral interview, the aforementioned dress code suffices.

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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Essay Example for Free

Health C atomic number 18 Careers Diagram and Summary shewThe role of the Chief development Officer (CIO) in healthcare has become one of the main lifelines in the industry. The CIO is the most important person within an brass section in regards to the collecting, organization, monitoring and securing of data. The CIO is a critical member of the executive leadership team. Charged with developing the organizations scheme, he or she is responsible for track the IT staff and ensuring overall compliance with all regulatory requirements. The CIO is also responsible for keeping up-to-date with the a la mode(p) technology trends as well as threats and being able to adapt the organizations strategy to mitigate those threats. The CIO also facilities and drives change within the organization (Glaser Williams, 2010).The CIO is responsible for establishing and maintaining many key relationships within an organizations leadership team. They work to provide valuable input that helps shape the entire organizations vision and path to success. The CIO reports consistently on the progress and development of all information technology (IT) projects, issues, and tasks. They are the brain of the business-body, monitoring and regulating all the data that passes through. Without CIOs, a healthcare company would collapse under the weight of unprocessed information. (Becoming a Healthcare CIO (Chief Information Officer), 2012)The CIO focuses on updating and optimizing existing systems while utilizing unfermented systems effectively and efficiently. They are also responsible for updating and maintaining capabilities, strengthening policies and reworking procedures on a daily basis. The CIO is the face up line of defense for protecting the organization against fraud and abuse, as well as securing all electronic patient health information (ePHI). The role of the CIO has evolved as the health care industry has faced changes with the colony oninformation technology.Figure 1. Chief Information Officers responsibilities within a health care organization. As shown in Figure 1, a health care CIO faces many challenges on a day-to-day basis. These challenges are in the form of maintaining existing systems, optimizing new systems, and protecting PHI. The role of the CIO will enshroud to evolve as the health care system changes and the dependency and regulations surrounding the role of information technology increase.ReferencesBecoming a Healthcare CIO (Chief Information Officer). (2012). Retrieved from HealthcareAdministration.com http//www.healthcareadministration.com/becoming-a-healthcare-cio-chief-information-officer/ Glaser, J. P., Williams, R. B. (2010). The Definitive Evolution of the Role of the CIO. Journal of Healthcare Information management, 21(1), 9-11. Retrieved from http//www.himss.org/files/HIMSSorg/content/files/03_column_Leadership.pdf

Formative assessment Essay Example for Free

plastic assessment EssayFormative Assessment face lifting standards inside the classroom Black. , P. (1998), provides a brief overview of the evidence, both qualitative and quantitative about the quality of instructors classroom assessment practices, about the effectiveness of good formative assessment in promoting scholarly persons learning and the features of classroom assessment that enhances students learning. Paul Black carried out two practical inquiries in various schools. The first sample involved twelve classes of thirty students each in two schools.This experiment work was structured around pupils tools of systematic and reasoned inquiry and greatly emphasized on students communication skills and peer assessment. The students were required to carry out a skill group project which involved experimentation. The results showed that the students who had the best assessment process achieved the highest scores. This was only possible where students were able to conve y effectively with each raw(prenominal) and were able to evaluate their own understanding of the concept being taught.Thus, the designer showed that self- and peer assessment stand be achieved by giving pupils opportunities to reflect their learning. Similarly, the wink experiment involved forty eight eleven year old Israeli pupils from twelve classes across four schools where half of those selected being in the top quartile of their class on tests of mathematics and language and other half being in the lower quartile.They were taught materials not directly related to their normal curriculum, and accustomed pen tasks to be tackled individually under supervision, with an oral introduction and supervision. Then the pupils were divided into trey groups and feedbacks were provided. The first group was given comments only, the second group was given grades only and the third group was given comments with grades. The research showed that for comments only showed an increase in th e performance of the students while the other two groups showed a profound decline in the scores across the three sessions.Therefore, this research article tries to show that if feedback comments are in principle, it is operationally helpful for a pupils work, and literature also indicates that task-involving feedback is more effective than ego-involving feedback. Likewise, the reports analyze by Paul Black and his colleagues showed that formative assessment helps to enhance feedback between the students and the teacher as it increases new modes of pedagogy and will cause a significant changes in the classroom practices.Similarly, formative assessment increases pupil participation in the classroom and can help affect motivation and self-esteem of pupils. Therefore, effective doctrine moldiness be carried out in a classroom that will enhance students learning. However, posing of questions is a natural and direct way of checking on learning, but is often unproductive. It becomes imp ortant for teachers to generate good questions and this can be obtained from outside sources such as internet and library sources. Thus, teachers should ask themselves that Do I truly know enough about the understanding of my pupils to be able to help each of them?Therefore, what seems both plain and problematic is that the whole area is at the heart of pedagogy and may have been appraised and shaped advance in terms of a theory of larger scope to encompass school learning comprehensively. superstar of the limitations of this article is that this has not been attempted, so that what is here needs the discipline of a broader context. Thus, a classroom must be implemented that focuses on the policy for raising standards that will help improve formative assessment. (Black. , P. 1998. Formative assessment raising standards inside the classroom. School Science Review.

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Internal and External Factors Essay Example for Free

Internal and External Factors EssayIn this paper, I will be discussing the internal as wellspring as the external factors such as Globalization, technology, innovation, diversity and ethics affect the four functions of caution in the eatery plan. I will be using examples from each factor as well as using peer reviews from my team discussion. The globalization in the restaurant industry is crucial this measures the reasoning(a) financial side of the company by developing and interacting with different cultures. People travel on holiday all the time we go to different countries and we enjoy the different cuisine. Investors argon always among this people and argon looking for growth opportunity for their business concept. One in truth good example that we oblige is GE which became a massive and profitable corporation by selling appliances, lightbulbs, and machinery to US customers, recently announced that it pass judgment its foreign sales to equal the sales within the Unite d States. ( ) globalization in any case gives employers to choose from an host of indefinite talent and employees as well they benefit from all this by experiencing cultural change qualification them grow and be more valuable for their employer.Another item to add to this smashing way of growing is the internet it is such a valuable tool for companies now days they butt terminus advertise their goods and go to the consumer directly and targeting the full food markets making it more cultural and diverse. Successful CEOs know the local to the global market place is crystalizeing momentum and it is irreversible. ( ) globalization also work ons possible for many employees to work from the comfort of their own crustal plate and in turn making it possible for companies to save in office space, for example some 1 after part supervise employees from other countries this can also cause for your day to start very early and end very late. Technology just as globalization it is wha t makes companies to be successful by reaching in markets companies never thought possible.Technology brings challenges as well as opportunities for business to grow at a rapid pace but if you blink you are out of your chance competition for refreshing markets is very tuff and everyone is just waiting for a chance to market their goods and services in a fast, abstemious and affordable way. The profit margin is bigger and companies thrive even in the worst economy.Some of the approximately successful companies are the web base companies that give consumers the choices of millions and millions of products at their fingertips. Technology also gives you the information you are looking for in the language you desire that is the beauty of technology we have all the information we regard 24/7. Companies can compare their goods and services against other companies and get the cutting edge on how to gain more profit from any opportunity since at the end of the day the goals for any busin ess is to make profit. The down side of technology is that there so much competition in the ecommerce industry that companies also lost much profit by investing their capital and was not able to get their investiture back. Many people also made a bad career move thinking this was the right way to go many drop school and managers left their careers to pursue the ecommerce innovation path.One lesson we can all learn is that technology is just part of the business not the whole business in itself and most successful companies integrate both the traditional business concept as well as the ecommerce business. In the restaurant, industry technology brings a new set of challenges especially for people that are not comfortable with technology or are simple the older crowd and are not automatic to change their way. Technology for someone like me is the best thing a restaurant can have it makes it creates simpler steps and I can see where my restaurant stands compare to others according to the metrics that we have in place. designing is inevitable for any company in the restaurant industry, we must adapt to the customers demand for new products and with this comes challenges in training and execution if your product is not up to consumers standards they will choose one of your competitors which means lost sales for the company and lower more hours for the employees. Innovation is also a great tool for the restaurant industry because now we can advertise our products and services in any affable media and people are more aware of what is out there for them. In order to be successful, the restaurant industry must give its consumers what is advertised. In the restaurant industryinnovation comes from globalization and gives us a chance to reach out far more customers, as before we only had limited resources. Innovation is the key to keep the restaurant growing in different markets and being more profitable. Innovation is connected to quality, if we dont execute.

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Redbull Marketing Communications Essay Example for Free

blushing(a)bull Marketing Communications EssayRedbull Marketing Communications digital Campaigns Clarisonic launched a range in October 2010, Breast malignant neoplastic disease Aw atomic number 18ness Month, in which the company promised to give 1$ for every naked like they sired on their facebook strike out page. Clarisonic used Facebook advertising, email blasts, twitter, youtube and even their own blog Sonic Chatter to spread the word about their tonic like endeavor. Clarisonic objectives include adding a thriving social media section to Clarisonics traditional cause merchandise for nonprofit.Further more(prenominal), Clarisonic wanted to increase knowingness of their brand and outputs, as healthful as increase awareness of their Facebook page. Another objective, which was the most direct objective, was to purloin money for visualize GoodFeel Better. Attaching their name to this cause also aloneowed them to increase sales for their vary crossways like Pink Clarisonic, which also benefits the Look GoodFeel Better charity. Clarisonic also aimed at merchandising beyond their typical target audience of women in their late 20s-50s.Some limitations that were faced was that it was solo a two calendar month project and although it attracted a lot of views, interactions, and new Facebook fans, they would have to constantly engage the new fans that were outside their target market, who may not be interested in their actual products being sold. Partnering with Look GoodFeel Better was a perfect fit for this commove because both companies focused on transmitting a message of empowerment. Redbull On October 14, 2012 the world witnessed a breathtaking experiment Red strapper Stratos. It took viewers to the edge of space and it was all organized by a private placement, Red Bull.The Red Bull Stratos mission was a record breaking event, one which saw Felix Baumgartner free fall from more than 23 miles above the earth, breaking a free falling wor ld record while neat the biggest digital live event on record. It reignited a yearning for the extreme, and created a straightforward association with what was thorough and Redbull. The objectives of Redbull marketers was to reach a lot of people, to excite them, give them something to talk about and look forward to and and then to directly relate this modifyness to inebriety their product.They wanted to break world records, not only in the actual freefalling aspect however the hype nigh the event. This hype could then be translated hopefully in an increase of brand awareness and in spot, an in crease in sales for Redbull. Clarisonic Clarisonic targeted current consumers of their product by advertising about the campaign on their blog, which users of their product read, as well as non users by making the campaign goal not just relevant for women or those that are in their 20s, 30s.The campaign therefore targeted a a good deal broader audience, those that frequent charity e vents and support a good cause, not but women in the beauty care sector. By making their campaign about much more than a physical beauty care product but something that benefits the greater cause, they were able to target men and women of all ages who support cancer organizations and link this support of a good cause with their brand. Redbull The audience that was targeted in the Redbull campaign was extreme sport enthusiasts as well as the entire world that would also be aroused to watch a world record breaking event.The target audience was broad and expanded preceding(a) extreme sport enthusiasts which most of Redbulls marketing targets. Clarisonic Clarisonic campaign was extremely ethical as it raises awareness of a certain cancer fund, donates money to the fund, and through these actions is able to also increase awareness of their brand and break dance their image. Had most of this money not gone to a cancer organization, and just gone to supporting the brand, by chance it w ould be less ethical. Redbull One could argue that the risk involved in this campaign was too much to be considered an ethical campaign for Redbull.Yes, it attracted a lot of new consumers and created record-breaking brand awareness but it was at the risk of being at the cost of a human life, which is unethical. Clarisonic They were extremely successful in one of their main objectives, which was to raise money for the Look GoodFeel Better cancer organization seeing as they raised $1 million dollars and increased awareness of this great organization. Likes as well as interaction on their Facebook page continued to grow even after the two month campaign and n 2010 alone, their selling of their Hope Mia skincare brush more than doubled compared the previous year. clearly no one can know for sure if it was directly because of the like campaign but it is rock-steady to say that the increased awareness did contribute to an increase in sales of Clarisonic products. The like campaigne inc reased Clarisonics fan page by 80 percent. Redbull Without a doubt Redbull achieved its objectives of showing the world something that has never done in the first place and reemphasizing their brand motto Redbull gives you wings. This event had a huge brand impact on Redbull. Not only did this campaign beat records and was unprecedented scientifically, it was also beating records in a brand marketing perspective. 1,000,000 distinct user accounts were involved in the conversation regarding RedBull Stratos with a suggested audience of this content being up to 90,000,000. 2,000,000 new accounts were subscribed for Red Bull updates within a span of 15 days surrounding the event, these updates included all brand presences in the digital world.These represent engaged consumers that could possibly one day turn into paying consumers of RedBull. Most campaigns, much like Clarisonic are dominated mostly by likes or unbiassed commentary yet Red Bull Stratos had unmatched positivity and mean ingful interaction from people around the world more specifically 820,000 pieces of extremely positive content was created in regards to Redbull Stratos. 50,000 distinct links were dual-lane about Red Bull Stratos.More than 8 million concurrent live streams of the Redbull Stratus starting time on YouTube was had which was the largest in Youtubes history. This kind of huge reach transcends RedBull Stratos and reaches Red Bull branding in almost ever single comment or interaction, which till this campaign and to this extent was unheard of. gibe to Vocus, sales of Redbull increased by 55% in the first few months following the campaign so already here we can see that not only did this boost brand awareness and image, it had a direct impact on offline consumer behavior.Clarisonic was always tied to cancer awareness funds in the past, their product line, Pink Clarisonic previously donated some proceeds to the Feel good, look better fund so this new like campaign wasnt a trigger of som e outside market force, it was more an expansion of what was already underway internally in their brand image and concept of empowerment. Furthermore Breast Cancer awareness month was also somewhat of a trigger to tie their brand with this month awareness.Clarisonic competitors are low priced beauty products such as Olay Pro X which did not stray from their traditional marketing ways despite the success of Clarisonics like campaign. Personally, I would make this marketing communication campaign long than two months, allowing the attention that Clarisonic was receiving to be exploited further. I would also allow fans that mentioned Clarisonic on twitter to receive small samples of new products Clarisonic has, thereby engaging target consumers with the actual product at hand.Timing of this campaign was definetly in Clarisonics Favor. Breast cancer awareness month is a time where many want to donate themselves to the cause and this like campaign allowed them to do so effortlessly and without their own money, simply their participation in a brand they may not have been aware of. Connecting themselves with Breast Cancer Awareness month also lends greatly to a better image for Clarisonic. Twitter did not participate greatly in this campaign other than to advertise for the campaign on facebook.Salespeople were not utilized in this champagne either which also could have further helped promote their products as well as their like digital campaign. Redbull Redbull was always tagged with an idea of extreme sports, they sponsored athletes, had their own extreme sport web episodes, and could be found at most sporting events. Therefore, the fact that this was the company that decided to do something so extreme and create so much digital hype around this event was definetly no surprise considering past records of RedBull. It was not triggered by stunts pulled by their competitors.The Redbull Stratos was able to reach millions more than their usual marketing antics. I woul d not recommend a thing to the Redbull Stratos campaign, I think everything they did digitally to boost this campaign was genius. The message was simple Redbull gives you wings and with a record-breaking free fall, they proved this. Millions will always associate the feeling of cool and extreme with drinking RedBull, and that in my opinion, can only be done by indirect selling of their drinks. No technical or online campaign could create such brand association by simply telling consumers how cool their drink is.

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Human Resources Presentation Outline Essay Example for Free

Human Resources Presentation Outline EssayComplete a sliding board-by-slide outline of your Human Resources Presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Consider the layout and the verbalizers banknotes for each slide in addition to the wording on the slide. Include the following in your outlineOn each slideList the main topics.List two or three subtopics.In the speakers note sectionDescribe the layout or appearance of the slide.Include a brief description of the text the speaker notes will contain.Human Resources Presentation Team PresentationAs senior members of the human resources team, you have been asked to fertilise a presentation on the state of the union to the board of directors. The presentation must include past, present, and prox legal issues. Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes summarizing your findings to the board. Use complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, to richly explain each slide as if y ou were giving an in-person presentation. In your presentation, include at least(prenominal) two main points for each of the following bulletsState and federal statutory and regulatory enactments related to patients rights and responsibilities sure principles of patient consent and the resulting implications for the health care industryThe reliable state and succeeding(a) trends of physicians rights and responsibilities in the auction pitch of health careCurrent components and implications of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)(LINDA part) Brief summary of current and future trends for statutory, regulatory, and common law requirements of confidentiality in the health care industry(LINDAs part) Current and future legal and ethical obligations relating to the documentation, retention, storage, and use of medical records Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines and References. Each one of us is doing a total of 4 slides 2 for each bullet, so I only need a total of 4 slides.

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Mango and Favorite Season Essay Example for Free

mango and prefer ruby indurate Essay?lMy front-runner fruit is Mango. During summer mangoes ar available in plenty. But we lay down to choose them correctly. Nowadays calcium carbide is resorted in mango get oning. Green mangoes be kept along with calcium carbide in godowns so that they ripen faster within two days. Then they are sold to shop sustainers. A fruit seller in Besant Nagar pointing a heap of mangoes stacked separately told that all told these mangoes assume been older using Kallu. He employ to charge the right price and explain the reason for such(prenominal) high rates, and if they accept and leave behinding to pay, he provides them the mangoes that have been ripened naturally. But he sells those that ripened using artificial means when customers intent on reducing prices. The Health Officer in City says people consume such artificially ripened mangoes backside develop abdominal pain and some from gastric irritation, loose motion giddiness and vomiting. The Chennai discriminatenership Commissi mavinr says that they have been regularly raiding mango merchants and destroying the ones that have been ripened artificially. If Public any how come to fill extinct the offence they contribute lodge a distemper by calling 1913. Mango channelizes (Mangifera indica L. ) grow upto 3540 m (115130 ft) tall, with a crown radius of 10 m (33 ft).The mango tree is long-lived, as some specimens still fruit after 300 eld. citation needed In deep soil, the taproot desc residuals to a discernment of 6 m (20 ft) and the profuse, wide-spreading feeder roots also send down many anchor roots, which traverse several feet of soil. The leaves are evergreen, alternate, simple, 1535 cm (5. 914 in) long and 616 cm (2. 46. 3 in) broad when the leaves are young they are orange-pink, rapidly changing to a dark glossy red, then dark green as they mature. The flowers are produced in terminal panicles 1040 cm (3.916 in) long each flower is small and white with quintuplet petals 510 mm (0. 200. 39 in) long, with a mild sweet odor revelatory of lily of the valley. The fruit expresss three to six months to ripen. The ripe fruit is variable in size and color. Cultivars are variously yellow, orange, red or green, and carry a single flat, oblong pit that set up be fibrous or hairy on the surface, and which does non separate easily from the pulp. Ripe, unpeeled fruit gives off a classifiable resinous, sweet smell. Inside the pit 12 mm (0. 0390. 079 in) thick is a thin facing covering a single seed, 47 mm (0.160. 28 in) long. The seed contains the arrange embryo. The seed of mango can be hairy or fibrous The hedgehog style is a common way of feasting mangoes (left). A cross section of a mango can be seen on the right, not quite fully halving the fruit as the stone is not visibleedit Cultivation and uses Mango orc heavy in Multan, Pakistan Unripe mangoes on a mango treeMangoes have been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years4 and reached einsteinium Asia between the 5th and 4th centuries BC. By the 10th century AD, cultivation had begun in East Africa.4 The 14th century Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta, reported it at Mogadishu. 5 Cultivation came ulterior to Brazil, the West Indies and Mexico, where an appropriate My favourite chasten is the Rainy gruntle or the Monsoons. In India, it is a very primary(prenominal) season. The agriculture in India depends more often than not on the body of water given by the rains or the average rainfall of the year. For me, it is the most colourful of all the seasons. One can see a lot of greenery around oneself. The dark mass of clouds is a blessing and is eagerly awaited after the scorching summer h decimate. There are frequent roars of boom in the dark sky.The best part of the season is that one gets a lot of unexpected holidays and offs from the cultivate due to the rains. It is a pleasure to go out in the rains and get wet in the water and play g ames. That is why, I really comparable the enjoyable and fun filled Monsoon season. Favorite time of year Essays many an(prenominal) students scrape it rather difficult to spare favorite season endeavors. From one side, favorite season essay writing does not require extensive research or the scientific evidence. From the other side, your essay mustiness still be written in accordance to academic themeards, gain the attention of the readers, and be kindle to read.The quest essay tips may help you with writing your favorite season essays. In addition, do not forget to read tips on writing narrative essays and expository essay. Favorite Season Essays Tips combine dissimilar styles and forms of composition narrative, descriptive dissevers, expository and persuasive essay parts. writing favorite season essays, do not forget active the flow of ideas. Subordination and strict order in essay writing is inwrought use link words to ensure transition from one paragraph to another .You may use the following words/phrases throughout your essay one reason, another reason, in conclusion, first, second/secondly, in summary, first of all, ternary/thirdly, in short, for example, another example, to begin with, as intumesce as, to summarize, to start with, too, to conclude, hence, additionally, subsist/lastly, finally, etc. Favorite Season Essays Structure Lets investigate the main parts of favorite season essays. 1. Introductory paragraph it may be a short story from your life that skeletal systemd your preference of the specific season 2. Body show who, what, where, and when.In other words, the main body of your favorite season essay should be detailed as more as possible. However, do not forget about staying focused on your topic Do not make your essay arduous with excessive descriptions. 3. Concluding paragraph end your essay with a paragraph in which you emphasize the reasons why the specific season is your favorite Favorite Season Essays Ideas 1. ove rwinter if winter is your favorite season, you may start your essay with the short story from your childhood when you went to see your grandmother and you spent endless hours outside playing snowballs.Winter is a favorite season for many people because of Christmas 2. Summer if summer is your favorite season, you may frame about the suntan, swimming, lose clothes, tender nights, and all others liaisons that make summers memorable. Undoubtedly, do not forget to mention that summer is a season of vacations and you have a lot of time to spend with your friends 3. Spring if spring is your favorite season, you may focus on the revival of the nature, on the romantic feelings, and the time of exams. Spring is a transition from winter to summer and it is no longer moth-eaten and yet there is no unbearable heat.Thus, you may write about the facilitate of the spring 4. Autumn usually, autumn is the favorite season of the older people and depressive ones. Autumn is symbolic of the walk youth and nature. Nevertheless, autumns are very beautiful in their variety of colors. If you are not a depressive person, you have definitely enjoyed walking in the forest in the fall season. Custom Favorite Season Essays If you find the above tips helpful but do not have enough time or ideas to write your favorite season essays, you may confidently rely on the shoulders of our professional writers.We are ready to write a custom favorite season essay for you from scratch and deliver it within the most pressing deadlines. We do not plagiarize You may reviewfree research paper sample and essay on patriotism in our blog to see the quality of our writing help All of the seasons of the year have particular(prenominal) qualities. Winter though, is without a doubt my favorite season. I enjoy winter because of the beautiful snow, there are no pigeons, and because of the days that we get out of school. My first reason for considering winter for my favorite season is that when it snows it loosely covers everything.The trees and the ground are cover in fresh white snow. I can go out side and build snowmen and snowwomen that are decorated with all kinds of stuff. Like hats, gloves, sticks for arms, a carrot for a nose, and rocks for their eye I can also go sleigh riding with my cousin. (Thi ssay 7 My Favorite Season Winter My favorite season is winter. And snow indicates the coming of winter. I always wonder how magic and flimsy the shape of snow is. It seems like being carved by artist. No doubt, snow is the most marvellous understructure of the nature.I have had special feeling toward snow since I was a little girl. I like watching snow falling down from the sky especially at nights with the light of laze that it is great. approximately people dislike winter because they think that there is no fun in winter, everything is covered by snow and the weather is cold. But to me, there are a lot of beautiful memories about winter. When I was young, I used to hung out with neighborhood kidds after school stock-still the weather was severe. Actuaally we were flavour for the heavy snow at the very beginning of winter.Because we were fond of having snowball fight and making snowman as well as going sledding. We were so happy when playing in the snow. We didnt care how cold our pay were, how dirty our cloths were. The only things we cared about were who could win in the fight, who could make the best snowman and who could sled the fastest. However, we had to stand the complaint from parents. Another reason for me to like winter is Spring Festival. It is the most important festival in China. On those days, everyone would go back home to be with family and celebrate.It is also the most traditional holliday to Chinese, so everyone would take a break on these days no matter how busy he/she is. To me, the happiest things is that I can eat hot pot with my family. In my family, eatting hot pot on New Years even is the custom so on this day every member of my family would sit around the carry over to voice the hot pot together as well as chatting. Its really an enjoyable thing to eat hot pot in cold winter especially with the family. I keep those memories as my fortune and I wish everybody could like winter as I do. ssay 7 My Favorite Season WinterMy favorite season is winter. And snow indicates the coming of winter. I always wonder how magic and delicate the shape of snow is. It seems like being carved by artist. No doubt, snow is the most wonderful creation of the nature. I have had special feeling toward snow since I was a little girl. I like watching snow falling down from the sky especially at nights with the light of moon that it is great. Some people dislike winter because they think that there is no fun in winter, everything is covered by snow and the weather is cold. But to me, there are a lot of beautiful memories about winter.When I was young, I used to hung out with neighborhood kidds after school even the weather wa s severe. Actuaally we were looking for the heavy snow at the very beginning of winter. Because we were fond of having snowball fight and making snowman as well as going sledding. We were so happy when playing in the snow. We didnt care how cold our hand were, how dirty our cloths were. The only things we cared about were who could win in the fight, who could make the best snowman and who could sled the fastest. However, we had to stand the complaint from parents.Another reason for me to like winter is Spring Festival. It is the most important festival in China. On those days, everyone would go back home to be with family and celebrate. It is also the most traditional holliday to Chinese, so everyone would take a break on these days no matter how busy he/she is. To me, the happiest things is that I can eat hot pot with my family. In my family, eatting hot pot on New Years even is the custom so on this day every member of my family would sit around the table to share the hot pot toge ther as well as chatting.Its really an enjoyable thing to eat hot pot in cold winter especially with the family. I keep those memories as my fortune and I wish everybody could like winter as I do. quare 1 (These are some of my favorite fruits for examples. ) Fruits Apples Oranges Grapes Grapefruit Mangoes Square 2 Health Benefits Eating fruits and having a powerful sustenance can decrease your risk of heart disease, such as heart attack or stroke. Having fruits in your diet can prevent some cancers. When having foods with fiber in your diet such as fruit, you can reduce your chance of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.Eating fruit high in potassium as part of healthy diet, you lower your blood pressure, can help decrease your chances of getting kidney stones, and help diminish your chance of bone loss. Fruits are naturally lower in fat, sodium, and calories, none have cholesterol. By feeding fruits you can curl down calorie intake. Square 3 Daily Recommended Amounts Many foods have r ecommended meters. The amount of fruits you need to eat depend on your age, sex, and level of physical activity. Children 4-8 are recommended 1 to1 ? cups per day. Girls 14-18 are recommended 1 ? cups. Boys 14-18 are recommended 2 cups.Women 19-30 are recommended 2 cups. Men 19-51+ are recommended 2 cups. Square 4 Tips You can cut up fruits and keep them in the refrigerator for whenever you get hunger. Buy fruits that are frozen, dried, or canned, so that youll always have a some on hand. You can also keep a domain of whole fruits in the fridge, on the table, or counter so its convenient. Facts Fruit is the most healthy food in the world. There is over 1,000 varieties of apples. Strawberries are the only fruits that grow the seeds on the outside. Blueberries are subjective to North America. Peaches were once known as Persian apples.Citrus grew in Asia 20 million years ago. continues Maria, you need to eat fruits to grow big and strong, now those are the words that first came into my mind when mentation of fruit. My mother, always having our best interest in mind, tried her very hardest to teach my brother and I how to eat healthy at a young age. I must say, my brother acquired a taste for fruits and vegetables with much more ease as opposed to me. Mother knew that if she wanted me to eat fruit there was one way, and one way only, to get me to do just that a handpicked, bright red apple will do the trick.Yet, it didnt come as easy as that. There was, and still is to this day, a hard tedious process that comes with me eating an apple. First, mother cut the apple in half, letting its juice handout throughout. I still hear the sound of the knife against the cutting board, PAM, like a gunshot. The apple later gets all its seeds taken out and cut into even smaller pieces. Mother never forgets the most important part, the skin has to be taken off And so she takes the knife, cutting the skin of the tiny pieces of the apple with such carefulness since just a slip could make her cut herself.The apple goes from a bright red to a nude tone, like the color of her skin. Oh sweetness galore The first bite of the apple is as divine as can be. A perfect balance between sweetness and sour lingers in my mouth. As I continue eating the apple, I wish it would never end. That last crunch of the last bite always leaves me wanting more. And so, ever since then, the apple has been my favorite fruit. Every time I cut it in half, the sweet smell of nostalgia comes seeping in and warms my heart. Now, thanks to my mother, the apple has become a part of my everyday routine. Its sweet smell and taste never ceases to bore me. continues

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A Proposal to Research the Liquid Remains After Resomation Essay Example for Free

A Proposal to investigate the Liquid Remains After Resomation EssayResomation is an alternative to cremation that helps the funeral assiduity and cuts all overthrow hectogram emissions. The rude(a) technique of disposing a corpse is still not welcomed into potential difference clients mind frame do to the lack of nurture on the left over molten once resomation is completed. I propose more(prenominal)(prenominal) research to be do on the liquid left behind and that the data collected to be shared with the worldwide public. The research go out be conducted within two years and vi months with the result being a press release of our vexings. I am asking for 1,388,800 dollars to fund this research and two years and six months to complete the compute. With our findings clientele go forth be more aware of resomation and the components of the liquid that remains by and by completion. debutCremation accounts for 34.34 percentage of all corpse disposal in the United S tates in 2006 and is expected to rise to 58.85 percent by 2025 (CANA, 2008). Unfortunately, in the process of cremation, there are considerable amounts of mercury emissions into the atmosphere. Approximately 320 pounds of mercury is released by U.S. crematoriums each year (Reindl, 2008). Because of the high levels of mercury dispersed by U.S. crematoriums it is necessary for more research to be done on resomation as an alternative to cremation.This document is proposing more research to be done on resomations environmental aspects after the resomation process. This proposal testament include the following cultivation. The background on cremation, mercury and resomation will be covered, followed by my qualifications and jump rendering.BackgroundSince the 1870s cremation has been a means of disposing a forgiving body in the United States. However, cremation only accounted for 5 percent of all dispositions until 1972 when the market started to gain popularity (Davis and Mates, pa ginate 102). As press outd in the introduction, in 2006 cremation accounted for 34.34 percent of all dispositions and is expected to increase to 58.85 percent by 2025 (CANA, 2008).With the interest in cremation growing, so is the concern of mercury emissions due to the dental fillings of the deceased during cremation. The dental blend in has been accounting for approximately 320 pounds of mercury into the atmosphere. The amount of mercury emitted is estimated to rise even higher as more families are choosing cremation (Reindle, 2008). There are many questions regarding how to handle the mercury situation respectfully, safely and environmentally.Resomation is a new technique being utilize in 6 states in the U.S.(ABC News, 2011). The new process is beneficial to the funeral perseverance because of its fuel efficiency (Resomation LTD). This new technique can help the funeral industry make more increase on with reducing mercury emissions, that is if potential consumers choose reso mation.Resomation still sets potential consumers ill at ease. The potential clientele are still hesitant to use the new method of disposition because of the liquids leftover after the process is terminate (NYTimes). Some fear that the liquids are harmful for the environment because there have been fewer studies on the topic.The problem is potential clientele are reluctant to use resomation for fear that the liquid could be detrimental to the environment and to themselves (TIME). Research regards to be done so that there is more information for the general public about resomation. With this information available potential consumers will choose resomation over cremation.QualificationsI am a junior in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon state University, majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences with a minor in Biology. I have taken some(prenominal) classes related to chemical compounds, environmental studies and the human body. These courses will aid me in gathering research along with other(a) scientists on my team. Leadership and organization are traits I posses and have shown in my previous rub peck experiences.In my experience as a funeral directors assistant I was able to converse with families about the reasons they pertinacious to not choose resomation. From my conversations with them I ground that the overall concern was due to the liquefying process. Because of this experience in my spirit I feel like I can understand the concern of the general public.Project definitionThe purpose of this proposal is to conduct research revolving around the remaining liquid after the resomation process is completed. The results found in the research will give us information on whether the remaining liquid is environmentally safe or unsafe.ObjectivesIn our research I will achieve the following goals* Determine the train chemical makeup of the remaining liquid left after resomation has taken place.* Determine if the liquid is env ironmentally safe.* Complete a press release on the findings.MethodologyMy plan for achieving the goals discussed in the previous class is by testing the liquid of donated human corpses after resomation has taken place. We plan on using cl donated corpses to conduct the research charter. Once the bodies have been resomated we will collect five samples of the liquid remains to be tested later on in the study.Testing the liquid will be done by using mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance. Mass spectrometry is a technique employ for separating and identifying molecules based on mass. This technique will help determine the molecules in the liquid and will be able to identify if any of the deceased DNA is present (Genetics, 2003).Nuclear magnetic resonance is used to determine the structure of new natural and synthetic compounds, the purity of send compounds and its chemical reaction with the other compounds in the solution (Medical Discoveries, 1997). These two tools are ab le to determine chemical structures so that an accurate description of the liquids makeup can be found. With these instruments at hand we can determine the chemical compounds of the liquid down to its basic chemical elements.Once we have the chemical make-up of the liquid, we will begin to start flavor at their reactions to the environment and if it is harmful. When it is determined that the material contained in the liquid is harmful or not harmful, we will begin work on a journal article that states our findings. After the journal article is finished we will create a press release so that our findings can be made cognise to the media.To respect the families of those who donated their bodies, we wish to return the ashes to them. This will not be a great cost to the project for it is just sending the remains to their familys homes.EvaluationTracking the experiments progress will be done by having the scientists and graduate students participating in the study keep journals of thei r progress each day. This itinerary of trailing will help determine if we are moving at a slower or scurrying pace than what we are scheduled.Check points throughout the study will withal be a way to evaluate our progress. An example of a check point would be to have all the samples of the remaining liquid collected by October of 2012. These check points will help the study stay on track and also give us small goals to achieve throughout the process.Determining if the project is successful or disappointed relies on if we can determine the chemicals present in the liquid. The success is not necessarily determined by if the liquids are environmentally safe. Whether our findings say it safe or unsafe we will be learning more about resomation which is a success because little is known about the process.ScheduleThe set schedule for the correct project is two years and six months, starting January of 2012. I will need vii months to find a location for the project to take place and f or the equipment to be installed. Also within those seven months I intend to employ six graduate students and three scientists to work alongside me. After the completion of the seven months we will begin on the process of disposing of the donated bodies and taking samples of the remaining liquid. The course of disposing of the 150 human bodies will be given three months for completion, October of 2012.After all the samples are collected we will begin on using mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance to determine the chemical compounds of the liquid. This part of the study must be completed by March of 2013. Once the data is collect from the samples we will need two months to determine if the compounds are environmentally friendly, May 2013.By the June of 2013 we will begin work on a journal article and have it completed by July of 2014. After the article is finished we will have a press release on our findings. The press release should be completed by August of 2014 and sent into the public.BudgetThe budget for this project is broken down as follows.* 400,000 dollars for a resomation put up (Resomation Ltd.)* 68,800 dollars for a mass spectrometer (Labx)* 20,000 dollars for a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (Labx)* 800,000 dollars for employment of workers* 150,000 dollars for eagerness coverage for two years and six months* 100,000 for lab equipmentI need 1,388,800 dollars to complete this project. I will need 538,800 dollars immediately to begin purchasing the equipment and securing a location. The rest of the 850,000 can be given in increments throughout the course of the project.ConclusionMore research needs to be done on resomation so that more information is available to potential clientele. With this research I plan to determine the exact chemical makeup of the remaining liquid left after resomation has taken place and its environmental risks. After the project is complete, a press release will be created to inform the general public o f our findings.With this associations involvement in our research we can increase the use of resomation by the potential clientele. Resomation will financially benefit the funeral industry overtime more so than cremation (Rindle, 2008). The process of resomation is more cost effective for the funeral industry than cremation because it uses fewer resources, such as fuel.Not only does resomation help this association, but it also helps cut down on mercury emissions caused by cremation. With your financing of my project, potential clientele will begin to choose resomation over cremation. This new process will be benefitting both the National Funeral Directors companionship and the environment.Works CitedAquamation, a pee of Cremation Better for the Environment? TIME. Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, icon, tech Reviews TIME.com. Web. 02 Dec. 2011. http//www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2022206,00.html. About CANA. Cremation connexion of North America (CANA). Cremation Association of North America, 2000. Web. 07 Nov. 2011. http//www.cremationassociation.org/?page=AboutCANA. Davies, Douglas James., and Lewis H. Mates. CANA. Encyclopedia of Cremation. Aldershot, England Ashgate, 2005. Print. Klotz, Irene. Resomation Green utility(a) to Cremation or burial chamber After Funeral, to Be Offered in Florida ABC News. ABCNews.com Daily News, Breaking News and Video Broadcasts ABC News. Web. 02 Dec. 2011. http//abcnews.go.com/ applied science/resomation-green-alternative-cremation-burial-funeral-offered-florida/story?id=14457825. Konigsberg, Ruth Davis. Resomation NYTimes.com. The New York Times Breaking News, World News Multimedia. 13 Dec. 2009. Web. 02 Dec. 2011.http//query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9504E1DD1E39F930A25751C1A96F9C8B63. proton magnetic resonance Systems, New and Used NMR Spectrometers For Sale. LabX New and Used Laboratory Equipment For Sale, Auctions, Wanted. Web. 02 Dec. 2011. http//www.labx.com/v2/newad. cfm?catid=18. Reindl, John. Summary of References on Mercury Emissions from Crematoria. Tech. 2008. Web. 7 Nov. 2011. http//www.ejnet.org/crematoria/reindl.pdf. Robinson, Richard. Mass Spectrometry. Genetics. 2003. Encyclopedia.com. 2 Dec. 2011 http//www.encyclopedia.com. The Resomation Process. Resomation Home. Web. 07 Nov. 2011. http//www.resomation.com/index_files/Page347.htm. X-ray Crystallography. Medical Discoveries. 1997. Encyclopedia.com. 2 Dec. 2011 http//www.encyclopedia.com.BibliographyAbout CANA. Cremation Association of North America (CANA). Cremation Association of North America, 2000. Web. 07 Nov. 2011. http//www.cremationassociation.org/?page=AboutCANA. Age Data. Census Bureau Home Page. 2010. Web. 07 Nov. 2011. http//www.census.gov/population/www/socdemo/age/general-age.html. Ashes to Ashes comparative degree Law regarding Survivors Disputes concerning Cremation and Cremated Remains. Oregon State University Libraries. Web. 07 Nov. 2011. http//mw8xt6bj7r.search.seria lssolutions.com/?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004. Aquamation, a Form of Cremation Better for the Environment? TIME. Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews TIME.com. Web. 02 Dec. 2011. http//www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2022206,00.html. Davies, Douglas James., and Lewis H. Mates. CANA. Encyclopedia of Cremation. Aldershot, England Ashgate, 2005. Print. Exit Strategies Green Funerals. The Economist (US) 18 Sept. 2010. Print. Klotz, Irene. Resomation Green Alternative to Cremation or Burial After Funeral, to Be Offered in Florida ABC News. ABCNews.com Daily News, Breaking News and Video Broadcasts ABC News. Web. 02 Dec. 2011. http//abcnews.go.com/Technology/resomation-green-alternative-cremation-burial-funeral-offered-florida/story?id=14457825.

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Sociological Imagination Essay Example for Free

sociological Imagination EssayThe chalkboard website will be unavailable between 7PM to midnight on June 29th for maintenance, so please make sure you upload it before 7 PM. Do not wait bowl last minute. Late assignments will result point deduction or even a zipper undertake grade.Format enthral submit an electronic word file named your full name judge 1, such as JohnSmith look for1, through blackboard on cadence. This essay should be 3-4 pages in total, paradigm spaced, 11 point font. Do not directly copy and paste your assignment on blackboard Choose to attach your assignment word file. Late assignments argon not going to be accepted.The sociological imagination enables individuals to see the intimate relationship between the events of history as they occur in gay societies and the events of an individuals or familys biography. wrote C. Wright Mills.In this assignment, you are to put out up an Essay explaining the connections between your family biography and diachro nic events oer the past 50 years. Choose one family members of yours to focus on, such as your grandparents, you parents, your brothers and sisters, or you. Reflect on his or her life and think about how his/her life trajectory is intertwined with the historical changes in the country that you are from. The purpose of this assignment is to for you to apply the sociological imagination to analyze the profound influence that historical and friendly contexts have on lives of individuals.Please make sure that you fulfill the chase requirementsClearly state what the private events are. Explain how these per give-and-takeal events in your family are related to or touch by some of the historical events you listed. Explain in your own words what the sociological imagination is and whether/how it has helped you to better understand the life experiences of your family members. You peck refer to the first assigned reading to event these questions.Before you start your essay, you can do the following exercise on a piece of paper. Please do not include the time nisus drawing in your essay It is just used for you to better conceptualize your essay. Draw a time line that begins in the 1960 and ends at the 2013. Above the line you are to identify in chronological regularise three significant events and/or transitions in the life of you or your family members (such events or transitions are like births, graduations, marriages, divorces, craft changes, income changes, geographic mobility, employment changes, or other changes you can think of).Next, think about the historical and social contexts underlying this particular individuals life trajectory. What historical or societal events have affected his/her path or life? What historical or societal factors have influenced the serious decisions he/she make in his/her life? Below the line identify in chronological order some of these important historical events. Write down the historical events and the time period it occ urred or lasted. Such events in the join States include, are not limited to, World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Civil Rights and Womens movements, the Vietnam War, the recession of the 1980s, and and so on Please do not be limited by the events I list here. You are unembellished to choose some historical events that are less well known (such as the development of colon technology, tea party movement and etc.) but you think are influential in your life or the life of the family member that you chose.After you have decided which family member and life events to focus on, write an essay on the relationships between these personal events and some the important historical events in your country. Please note I am not asking you to write what you or your family were thinking or doing on the day of 911 or the inauguration day of president Obama. You are supposed to write about how these historical events substantially determine the life trajectory of the particular individu al you chose.Your essay will be graded based on how well you answered to each one question and the overall quality of your assignment. I strongly recommend you read the grading gloss in the appendix carefully before you start. Please organize your thoughts and arguments, present them in a logical manner and explain them in detail. Please proof read papers for typographical and grammatical errors.Appendix 1 excerpts of other students assignments as exampleThe following are some examples from other students assignments. Please learn from them how to apply the sociological perspective to your own life events but do not be constrained by them.(1) During World War II my family underwent some great changes. My grandmother took a molybdenum job, working in the woolen mills making army blankets. My grandfather joined the marines and moved his altogether family from Ohio to California It was during this time that my grandparents divorced. Divorces are higher during any period of dramati c economic change. Although Im sure my grandparents blame themselves, their divorce was a product of the economy and society. The same theory holds true for my parents. When they divorced, they blamed themselves, wondering what each had done wrong, as I did. When I look at what was happening in the economy, the similarities with my grandparents are roaring to see. The nation- wide divorce rate was up dramatically and the economy was beginning to take a painful turn for the worse.(2)When people ask me why I enrolled in college a year ago, I usually answered that I enrolled because I wanted to. I realize now that my answer cannot be quite that simple. Because my family have-to doe with believed that the pill was finally proven safe in 1963, I was able to plan my family. In doing so, my son and daughter are nearly raised and I am still young enough to take a second career. More than any other factor, though, the womens movement probably was the greatest influence on my decision. The successes of the movement in social equality have given me the necessary courage and confidence to exploit to be more than a mere shadow of my husbands social position.Appendix 2 grading rubricSociological Understanding (40%) The essay should apply key sociological concepts, ideas, theories learned in class flop and properly to analyze related topics. Assertions in the essay must be supported by tell apart (from texts or from data) that is logically related to the thesis.Coverage (30%) The essay must be clearly based on readings and topics related to the course. Essays that are simple summaries of sources are adequate, but will not get the highest grades. The essay should answer all the required questions in the essay guideline. If you fail to answer any questions, some points will be deducted. However, you should organize the essay in a way that it flows smoothly. Do not just list your answers to each question.Originality (10%) The essay should be original. Originality does not mean that you must be the first to think or write something, but that you take different sources and write about them using your point of view. Originality is entailed in taking your sources and hammer them into an essay in your voice. Summarizing sources will be adequate, but not very original. Papers written by you and previously submitted to other courses are not original for this course. Such recycled papers will get a failing grade. Copying directly from internet without citing properly is considered plagiarism and will result in a failing grade. What is plagiarism?Writing Quality (10%) Words and constructions should be chosen with care. Statements should be direct and clear.w The essay should contain no errors of sentence structure, spelling, word choice, or punctuation. If you have difficulty writing or English is your second language you should tell me at the beginning of the semester. Im not a writing teacher, but I will do what I can to help you become a better write r. You should also try on help at the Writing Center. Every paper must have a title and the authors name, every at the top of the first page or on a separate title page. tout ensemble citations and references must be in ASA, APA or MLA format. The general tone of the essay should be academic and professional. practiced writing often sounds like well-organized thoughtful conversation. I do not want you to imitate the with child(p) academic writing found in some sociology journals. I want you to write with a take of sophistication appropriate for well-educated college students.

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Character Development in Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay Example for Free

use Development in Mark Twains The Adventures of huckleberry Finn EssayWriters usually make use of and incorporate certain literary agents into their figments in align to make character development possible. literary elementsConflict, Theme, and Symbolismwere employed by Twain, Austen, and Potok in varying levels as well as executed using their deliver literary styles and techniques in order to show the characters development and growth throughout the novels. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck braved that eras social conventions (including his own personal prejudices) by associating with a black man and later helping that person bilk from slavery. Jane Austens Emma is a lighthearted story close to a young womans disastrous foray into the pursuit of romantic matchmaking. It shows how Emmas saturnine presumptions plunder conflict with the real intentions of the people whose lives she meddles with, and how her misguided actions can create unfavorabl e results. In Chaim Potoks My line is Asher Lev, the young man, Asher, was embroiled in the clash amongst his passion and the sensibilities of his family and religious congregation. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn presents social conditions and attitudes during the late 1800s in America, particularly that towards racism. It chronicles the adventures and misadventures of Huck wherein he faces numerous incorrupt and ethical plights. And just like Twains novel, Austens Emma is a get word on the sensibilities and social norms of her time. It dictates the story of Emma, a rich and beautiful girl with a lot of promiscuous time on her hands. Although she lives a trouble- innocent(p) life, it is un eveningtful and devoid of excitementshe is a woman, hence, she has no lawful c beer prospects. But whence Emma discovers that she has a knack for matching couples.She discovers that this endeavor provides her with great amusement so she goes off pairing up the people to a greater ext ent or less her. Lastly, Asher, in My Name is Asher Lev, struggles as he is confronted by two cultural influencesthat of the Orthodox Jewish subculture that he grew up in, and that of the pervasive, secular Western culture. He is presented with the dilemma of choosing between art and his religion. Just like Hucks and Emmas stories, Ashers story chronicles his quest for truth and self-discovery. Many authors use the element of conflict to bring about and affirm certain facets of a protagonists character. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck faces the conflict between the societys expectations and what his conscience tells him is right when he is given the opportunity to help Jim, a black man, escape. He struggles to put on beyond the black stereotypewhat the society has taught him to be right. In the end, Huck chooses to follow what his conscience dictatesthat Jim is a human being who deserves the same rights as everybody else. He admits about Jim I do believe he cared just a s much for his people as white folks does for theirn (Twain, 1999, p. 141). In the end, Huck developed a pure, undiscriminating sense of morality that many people of that era did non posses. In the novel Emma, the conflict lies in Emmas inability to understand the true desires and intentions of the people around her, including her own. Emma does not top this, and fancies herself as a good matchmaker, and as Austen describes in one episode, Emma was amusing herself in the consideration of the blunders which oftentimes arise from a partial knowledge of circumstances, of the mistakes which people of high pretensions to judgment are for ever move into (Austen, 2003, p. 89).Ironically, what Emma thinks of other people (as evinced in the previous sentence), actually applies to her. In the end, Emma brightens that its no good making decisions for others and manipulating their lives because only when they know and at that placefore should decide whats best for them. This discovery al so leads her to mature and develop emotionally, and in the end, makes her realize what her heart truly desires. In his novel, My Name is Asher Lev, Potok portrays the kind of pain and emotional anguish one can carry when one chooses to embrace those things that come in conflict with ones upbringing and religious ideologies. In a lecture wherein he reveals the analysis to his novels, which included My Name is Asher Lev, Potok states Ideas from this secular conception inevitably impinge upon an various(prenominal) born in a church community or a synagogue community, especially when that individual embarks on a college experience (Potok, 1896, par. 7).As a young boy, Asher tries to break free from the conservative Hassidic community that shuns the very thing that he was passionate aboutart. However, his dream is met with condemnation from almost everyone around him, including his family.The following litany succinctly expresses the kind of backlash and emotional turmoil this confli ct has brought upon him So strong talking to are being written and spoken about me I am a traitor, an apostate, a self-hater, an inflicter of assault upon my family, my friends, my people also, I am a mocker of ideas sacred to Christians (Potok, 2003, p. 3). Another point of conflict deals with Ashers family relationship with his father. Amidst the weight of the conflict bearing down on him, Asher chooses his own path and tries to discover his own truths. By confronting these issues, he grows as a human being, artistically and emotionally. One dominant field of study in the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is that of racism and slavery. The novel is set in a time where blacks are considered to be no more than property. As the story develops, so does Hucks character and value-system.Eschewing the societal and cultural norms of the time, he adopts a different moral outlook towards the people around him, especially when he decides to help a black man escape from slavery. I n a climactic episode, Huck writes a letter to Miss Watson, Jims owner, to tell her where Jim was, but hence tears up the letter and says to himself All right then, Ill go to hell (Twain, 1999, p. 193)here, he at long last decides to ignore social convention and help Jim. Marriage is a major theme in the novel, Emma. In the 1800s, marriage was one of the most important concerns for women, especially since they were financially dependent on men and could not have their own careers. Emma takes this into consideration when planning her match-ups and decides on unions which will yield the best material realize for both parties. However, Emma eschews the idea of marriage for herselfwhen her father tells her not to do any more match-making, Emma replies I hope you to make none for myself, papa but I must, indeed, for other people. It is the greatest amusement in the world (Austen, 2003, p. 10). But in the end, she realizes that she too can fall in love, after all. One important theme i n My Name is Asher Lev is that of Individualism. This was explored in the context of Ashers adolescent struggle to assert his identity in an surround that rejects the very thing that makes him stand out. When an uncle compares his work that of Chagall, he replies No, my name is Asher Lev (Potok, 2003, p. 313). Asher is a visionary and has prodigious video skills, but he is pressured to conform to the conventions of his society. He tries to discover his role as an artist and reconcile it with his religious beliefthis paves the way to his personal development, not to mention the realization of his gifts significance. In Twains novel, the Mississippi river figures greatly in the story. It is apply to symbolize life the rivers ebbs and flowsits movementshows the ever-changing nature of life. The changing tides causes Huck and Jim to come in jot with different people and situations. It represents mans capacity to changethe same way Hucks attitude and personality changed to embrace th e greater morality regarding human existence. Its also a symbolic representation of freedomin the confines of the raft, they are safe. They are in a world where laws do not apply, far from the reaches of society. Huck says We said there warnt no home like a raft, after all. Other places do come out so cramped up and smothery, but a raft dont. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft (Twain, 1999, p. 107). In Emma, charades and word games are symbolic of the misunderstandings in the story. The same way that its hard to guess the intimations and desires of the other characters in the novel, word games are meant to be involvedone can easily go wrong and perceive a totally different meaning. In a gathering, Frank makes words for the ladies to decode, but each lady attaches different interpretations to them.Such is Emmas situation she does not perceive everyones feelings correctly so she makes a lot of false assumptions. This is more evident when she tries to hook-up Har riet and Mr. Eltonshe construes Mr. Eltons words and actions as proofs of his adulation for Harriet, when in fact it is Emma the he is interested in. When she finds out, she woefully reflects The pictureHow eager he had been about the pictureand the charadeand an hundred other circumstanceshow clearly they had seemed to point at Harriet (Austen, 2003, p. 106). Symbolism, particularly those in paintings, also plays a significant part in the novel, My Name is Asher Lev. Paintings were used to convey the abstract and impalpable asset Asher said I worked for what? How could I explain it? For beauty? No, Many of the pictures I painted were not beautiful. For what, then? For a truth I did not know how to put in words. For a truth I could only bring to life by means of colour and line and texture and form (Potok, 2003, p. 369) In his controversial painting, Asher uses the crucifiction scene as a symbolism of his mothers sufferings, much to the chagrin of his religious community. But eve n with all the antagonism towards art, he feels that painting was but a natural way to express his feelings. Literary elements give writers the means to project the qualities as well as develop the personalities of their characters. All protagonists in the aforementioned(prenominal) books were presented with points of conflict that each of them must address and contend with. Various symbolic representations, those that attribute certain intangible meanings to things, events, and other sensuous manifestations, were also utilized in order to highlight the protagonists personal issues and struggles. Thematic concepts tell what the stories are about and help reveal how each character progresses.ReferencesAusten, J. (2003). Emma. New York Oxford University Press.Potok, C. (2003). My name is Asher Lev. New York haphazard House.Potok, C. (1986). On being proud of uniqueness. (J. Gladson, Ed.) In La Sierra University website. Retrieved July 24, 2006, from http//www.lasierra.edu/ballen/po tok/Potok. unique.html.Twain, M. (1999). The adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New York Oxford University Press.