Monday, March 18, 2019

Of Mice And Men :: essays research papers

Of Mice and Men EssayOf Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, shows the struggles and hardships that two migratory farm workers experienced during the Great Depression. The dream of owning their own farm keeps them qualifying and lightens the load of their work while it in any case strengthens their friendship. The dream that Lennie and George had, although unlikely to be achieved, causes a friendship to grow and thus gives a meaning to life.Lennie and George subscribe a mutual dependency on each opposite, scarce Lennie needfully George more because he has a mental handicap and George needs to take note over him. For Example, when Lennie and George met their new gaffer, George t one-time(a) Lennie not to talk so the boss wouldnt know how that Lennie is mentally disabled. Without George telling Lennie not to talk to their new boss Lennie might restrain showed how unintelligent he was and he might not take aim gotten the job. George is like a parent to Lennie and he show s his love not through the words he speaks to Lennie but through the way he cares for him. In addition, Lennie causes trouble wherever he goes without knowing it. They had to leave their old job because Lennie grabbed a girls dress. George likes having George more or less even though he says he would have it easy without him, George finds Lennie funny in some situations and George probably appreciates having a little responsibility in his life. Lennie and George have a special bewilder between each other that most grown men taket have, because of this bond they believe they will achieve their dream.When Lennie has to kill George he becomes the loneliest character in the book, this is because he knows how it feels to have a friend but now that he doesnt he is even more grim because he knows how it feels to not be lonely. For example, the other ranch hands have never felt anything else but loneliness so they are utilize to the feeling. Since Lennie used to have George he knows wh at it feels like to not be lonely. not only has he lost his best friend but also his dream of owning their own farm. In addition, the loneliness that George faces might not have been causes if he would have watched over Lennie and not let him roam around free. George didnt want to kill Lennie but he did it for his own veracious so Lennie wouldnt be brutally murdered by Curley and the other ranch hands.

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