Sunday, March 3, 2019

Original writing – My Decision about a Scary Ride

As we entered the considerable theme park on a lovely summer daylight a voice from behind us sh proscribeded,STOPWe quickly dour around same(p) spinning machines and we saw a 6 bag t solely security guard running toward us similar prodigal cheetah, his face was red homogeneous a rosy red love apple and it looked like his hat was exit to f alone off. I got a speckle nervous because he was running towards us like we had however killed someone. I turned around and looked at Alisha and I saw that she was looking cumulation with embarrassment, then I looked around me and I saw that everyone was consummate(a) at us like we had committed some sort of crime.Girls you have disregarded your tickets the security guard verbalise.I felt so relieved that I let out a extended sigh, like I had secure ran a marathon, and Alisha and I started to jape. later on that we got our tickets from the security guard and headed towards the first reproof which was called Space Invaders.When w e got to the Space Invaders I could smell the horrible smell of oil, which smell like a leaking gas, which do me feel a bit sick. I could also hear the expectant racket of the take to task, and the scream and shouting of the throng on it, when it went whooshing past me in to the far distance like a crying baby slowly falling asleep. We waited in the queue for more or less ten minutes out front it was our turn.When we got off the Space Invaders Alisha and I were just round to walk to the adjacent ride when we saw a throng of multitude that looked a bit like the suits from Harry Potter. One of them had glorious red hair which make it look like his hair was on fire, this boy looked the same as Ronald from Harry Potter. A nonher boy that was with him had unfeignedly big glasses that covered half of his face and it looked like the character of Harry Potter, and in that respect was one girl that had white hair which do her look near 90 yrs old. I gl ared at there faces properly and they looked quite familiar so I said to Alisha,Alisha dont these wad look familiar? and she said,Yes they do look quite familiar.Now we were both confused, so we fixed to forget about it and walk off exclusively of a sudden they started taking there hair off which make us realise that they were non a weird group of wad nevertheless they were someone else.They were the domicile of our mates Aziza, Amana and Sabah. Alisha and I looked at separately other and burst out laughing. thus we said to the rest of our friends, source on lets go on the next ride.All my friends precious to go on the big tall rides still I was in every case frightened to go on them, but I was too repentant to say it. The reason I didnt necessity to go on these big tall rides was when I was about five years old I sat on a actually big ride and my fundament belt was not tied properly so I some feel out. Ever since then I have hated seated on big rides. I was not that ashamed to say it to Alisha because she is my better friend, but I do not want to say it in front of the rest of my friends because they will start calling me names.My friends were on their demeanor to queue up for the next ride when I shouted,I dont want to go on that ride yet, lets go on the irrigate logarithm firstThey all turned around and looked at me in a puzzled way and said clear we will go on that ride first but after that we are going on this big one. I said,Okay then.I felt a bit relieved, but I was still scared.When we reached for the queue off the Water Log I saw that the queue was really long which made me feel a bit better because it will give me a bit more time to think of a good absolve not to go on the ride. All of my mates were laughing and enjoying themselves but I was just stood there like a statue staring at the big scary ride that I had to go on. Sabah noticed that I was staring at the ride so she said,Why are you staring at that ride? Are you scared or something? and I mum bled downstairs my breath like a noise from a distanceNo, wherefore would I be scared.Finally, it was our turn to sit on the Water Log. A big brown train splashing through the water like a sailing boat came in front of us and at the side of it said The Water Log. It was written in big bold writing. We quickly jumped in to the train and the ride set off. Whilst it was going up my eyes were fixed on the big tall ride, like a hunter on its target. I was the only one out of our group that was not enjoying themself. I was concentrating so hard on the next ride I was going to go on that I did not even realise that the ride I was sat on was about to finish.When we got off the Water Log Amana said,Now its time for us to go on that big ride. I just looked at her face and saidCan we go to the toilet first? All of my mates glared at me and Alisha said,We listened to you, now you will have to listen to us. And I just mumbled,Okay then.Then all off my friends starting screaming with excitement . Alisha gripped me by the slip away and dragged me towards the ride like she was dragging a rope in a game of tug of war.When we got to the ride I saw that the queue was really long. When I looked ahead of me the queue looked like a long colourful, slippy snake. I said to my friends,I dont feel well you lot go on the ride and I will wait for you at the exit. moreover they just saidNo it will be better if we all go on together. So I just said,Okay then.After this, I decided that I was not going to make any more excuses because it would make it obvious to my friends that I was scared.Whenever I looked up at the ride I could imagine myself as a five year old girl falling off which made me feel like crying. I could hear the whooshing of the ride vibrating in my ears and my heart was beating as fast as a drum. The biggest liquidate of the ride looked like a big blue tower stretched out 100 miles above the ground. And the rest of the ride stretched out in different directions as far as I could see.There was one more group of state to go on the ride and then it was our turn. I looked towards my friends and they were really excited, they were screaming and leap around like kangaroos.Finally it was our turn, the people that were on the train before us got off, and all off the sudden the gates opened and people started to get on the ride. I went up to the seat and was just about to sit down when a weird feeling passed through me and made me blurt out to my friendsI dont want to go on this ride I am too scared. My friends looked up at me and said,But a thought you wanted to go on this ride. They got off the ride and took me to a side where I told them the reason why I was scared of rides. When I told them the reason I expected them to laugh but they did not laugh at all Sabah just said,Why are you ashamed that you are scared off a rollercoaster? and Alisha said,The first time I went on a rollercoaster I was even scared. They all agreed with her.Then Aziza said, nu mber on lets all of us go on this rollercoaster together. But I was still too scared to go on it.So they decided that if I didnt go on it they were not going to go on it either which made me feel a bit guilty, so I decided that I will go on the rollercoaster with them.When I got on to the rollercoaster, I grabbed the metal part of the seat belt which was freezing snappy like ice. I tied it up and got the bar of the seat down.Then all of a sudden the ride started to go. I could hear people screaming and shouting like animals from behind me but I could not see anything because I decided to close my eyes. When we get to the top all my friends started sayingOpen your eyes. So I opened my eyes and started screaming like a baby, but once it started going down the drop I really enjoyed myself.After the ride had stopped I enjoyed myself so much that I wanted to go on it again but unfortunately I couldnt because the ride had closed. I was not scared on a ride ever again. Its good to over co me your fears.

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