Thursday, July 25, 2019

Quantifying the properties of various types of Megayacht fillers Literature review

Quantifying the properties of various types of Megayacht fillers - Literature review Example Any marine equipment requires strong and durable surface finishing that would enable it last longer in terms of body maintenance. There are several fillers found in the market, but the big question that remains unanswered is their sustainability in the market. Your boat is not only under threat from the components; damage can occur as a result of abrasion, collision and other mechanical damage. Fillers can be applicable in minute repairs and choosing the right one for the task is very necessary in case the result is meant to last at the end of it all. Fillers are normally available with several characteristics that are specific to how they will be applied. Fillers are available in a wide variety. There are new releases on a daily occasion which draws attention as to which should be the appropriate one for use. According to Hellio and Yebra, considerations should be made on the mechanical strength that the filler will have to avoid having detrimental effects on the coating later on (2009 p.315). Several companies are on the forefront in advertising their products, but through market research, it has been established that there are some which leaves a wanting result after their use. Some filler have been designed for quick drying and much simple repair properties on top side surfaces. Others need keen care having been built for long lasting reasons. Fillers remain one of the most demanding applications in marine world. Having the right filler also remains a major concern for most end users. End users are always torn apart between choosing the right kind of filler to use. Some end users go as far as applying inappropriate fillers just because the filler is well known and is popular in terms of advertisement. At the end of this paper, there are several facts that a user should be well aware of which include: The whole article has six segments which include the introduction, problem statement, Aims and objectives, project plan, resources, literature survey and

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